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The Iowa Cattlemen's Association offers two membership types. A Producer Membership is for those engaged in cattle production while the Friend of the Industry Membership is for those who do not own cattle or who are retired cattle producers. 


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Membership forms can be downloaded below, or you can choose to pay online.

If you download a form, please fill it out and send payment to the ICA office, 2055 Ironwood Court, Ames, Iowa 50014. Or you can fax it with a credit card payment to 515-296-2261.

If you have any questions, please call the ICA office at 515-296-2266.

Thank you for supporting the Iowa Cattlemen's Association!

Download your Producer Membership FORM, or sign-up and pay online.

Download your Friend of the Industry Membership FORM, or sign-up and pay online

*2018 Membership Year: July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 

Iowa Cattleman Magazine

ICA members receive the Iowa Cattleman magazine monthly.  The magazine features association news, policy updates, and information you need to help grow your cattle business, from tips to improve herd health to maximizing profits and everything in between.

Staying Connected

Contact ICA anytime at 515-296-2266, or email If you would like to receive our policy or general e-newsletters, let us know.

Membership Incentive Awards

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association membership incentive awards are a way to recognize the association's top recruiters both individually and on a county level.  The ICA Top Hand Club rewards the association's top membership recruiters while the County Awards, ranks county cattlemen's associations on their membership recruitment efforts.  Click HERE to find out more!


Producer Members - JOIN NOW!

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association is the leading member-based organization connecting Iowa’s beef businesses to operational success through advocacy, leadership and education.  ICA’s constant work on industry topics and issues makes a difference for Iowa’s beef community, and it’s the investment from Producers and Friends of the Industry like you that make our work possible.

 There are many benefits for producer members:

  • Provide support to local county cattlemen’s group
  • Get to know other farmers and industry stakeholders
  • Have a voice at the state and national capitol
  • Access to news/information about the beef industry
  • Educational materials to implement on your farm
  • Member benefits, such as special event tickets and other promotional discounts

ICA drives action through our network of nearly 10,000 members connected through 97 local county associations. Whether it’s an environmental regulatory topic, challenges with market volatility or legislative efforts, you can rest assured that ICA is at the table each and every day.  

Download your Producer Membership FORM, or sign-up and pay online.

Fair Share

What is Fair Share?

Fair Share is an avenue for Iowa’s cattlemen to invest in the successful future of their cattle industry. Fair Share investment is 25¢ per head of operational capacity annually.

Why is Fair Share important?

The 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture census figures indicate that Iowa’s number of cattle farms decreased by 3,000 in just 5 years. However, average inventory per operation grew.

At the same time, information and the way it is shared has changed. ICA has used Fair Share investment to adapt to these changes and continue to represent Iowa’s cattle industry.

“I always say that if you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re going to be on the menu. No matter how many cattle you have, ICA’s work is relevant to you and your operation. Fair Share ensures that ICA is at the table on your behalf and that your concerns are heard.”
- Bill Couser, Nevada, IA

How does ICA use Fair Share?

  • Issues Response: Fair Share sets a place at the table for ICA regarding current issues, including the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers Waters of the US (WOTUS) Rule, the cattle market volatility, the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, and protecting Iowa's fence law.
  • Public Relations: ICA is committed to sharing the story of Iowa’s cattlemen and maintaining your freedom to operate.
  • Member Awareness: When industry issues arise, ICA coordinates and communicates Iowa’s beef industry response with our members.


Friend of the Industry Members - JOIN NOW!

What is a Friend of the Industry?

There are many Iowans who do not raise cattle but still want to support the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. Whether your business works directly with the cattle industry, you have family ties to the cattle production, or are a retired cattleman, your support ensures that ICA is able to continue their work on behalf of the entire cattle industry.

Your Business Connected to Beef

You know what the beef cattle business means to you. There are 13,465 jobs in the state of Iowa directly related to Iowa’s beef cattle producers, and many more businesses have ties to the beef industry as a whole. In short, the cattle industry is worth more than $3.8 billion to the Iowa economy. Without beef production in the state, we would have much less opportunity for growth in our Iowa communities.

Family Ties to the Business

There are many Iowans not directly involved with farming, but just looking back a generation or two, we have ties to farming, including cattle production. Support your heritage of agriculture and beef production; help the industry that provided the opportunities you have today.

Retired Producer

Continue to support the industry that was once your livelihood. While you may no longer have cattle, you have experiences and lessons to share with those still in the beef cattle business. Your support ensures that beef production remains a positive and rewarding experience for years to come!

Benefits for Friend of the Industry Members:

  • Support your local county cattlemen's association
  • Network with producers and industry stakeholders at local and statewide ICA events 
  • Help provide educational materials and events to Iowa cattle producers
  • Have a voice at the state and national capitol
  • Receive news/information about the beef industry and events
  • Member benefits, such as special event tickets and other promotional discounts
  • Opportunities for sponsorship and advertising to get your business in front of cattle producers
  • Discount on print and digital advertising in the Iowa Cattleman magazine (Click HERE for more information and/or to view Ad Rates)

Download your Friend of the Industry Membership FORM, or sign-up and pay online

ICA Booster Club

Join the ICA Booster Club by adding $100 to $1000 of support to your Friend of the Industry dues. (Donations of more than $500 are recognized monthly in the Iowa Cattleman.)  Click HERE for more information.

President's Council

With a minimum $5,000 donation, you can become a member of the President’s Council.

  • ICA prints a monthly listing of President’s Council members and their logos in the magazine.
  • President’s Council members receive a 10% discount on advertising for ads placed in the magazine, on the website, and in Pen Check, ICA’s bi-weekly e-newsletter.
  • President’s Council members are invited to submit one article for the magazine annually.

Click HERE for more information about becoming a President's Council member today!

*Other sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the year.  Contact ICA to find out more.