Carcass Challenge

Every Iowa cattle sector -- seedstock, commercial cow-calf, backgrounder and feedyard -- plays a key role in carcass quality. Right now, Iowa is well-positioned to successfully grow the beef business in our state. ICA's Carcass Challenge is a part of the effort. This successful cattle-industry event is designed to:

1. Showcase Iowa's feeder cattle genetics and feedyard performance.
2. Offer a fun, competitive, statewide event to demonstrate Iowa's beef production advantages.
3. Provide funding to the ICA Young Cattlemen's Leadership Program (YCLP), which drives greater beef interest, enterprise success, and ICA involvement among young beef producers.
4. Raise non-dues revenue, which ICA then invests in educational events for all sectors of the beef industry.

Each fall, approximately 100 steer sponsors contribute feeder steers to compete in the ICA Carcass Challenge. These steers represent some of Iowa's leading beef cowherd genetics. They are fed out at Van Meter Feedyard, utilizing top feedyard management and leading technology to achieve optimum feeding efficiency. The result is optimum carcass performance and quality, which is calculated by "Retail Value per Days on Feed" to rank beef carcass merit.

The net proceeds from the event are invested into new beef industry/producer educational events and leadership development projects. All are focused on improving Iowa's competitive position and growth potential in all beef sectors.

YCLP members will begin the process by contacting Iowa's most progressive beef industry supporters -- individual cattlemen, county cattlemen's associations, allied industries, and any other potential steer sponsors.


2015 Current report

2014 Final report