ICA Programs

Annual Convention

Welcome! The Annual Convention offers something for everyone. We encourage you to participate in all the policy-making committee meetings and the ICA annual meeting to help your industry grow stronger. All ICA members are welcome to attend.

Beef Business Connections

Through Beef Business Connections, ICA will provide information, training and education aimed at improving the longevity and profit potential for beef cattle producers. In it's inaugural year, Beef Business Connections is receiving support and inspiration from Summit Livestock Facilities, an FBi Buildings company.

Beef Quality Assurance

With everything going on in the world today, our society is more health conscious than ever before. Not only do consumers have to sort through conflicting stories about the benefits of eating beef, but they also are concerned about antibiotic residues, cholesterol, bioterrorism, and GMO’s as well as other food safety issues.

Although the beef industry has made extremely impressive strides in boosting consumer confidence in their product, more needs to be done to put the consumers fears to rest. Beef safety continues to be a high priority for the beef industry and checkoff-funded research continues to make a difference. Cattle producers.

Bull and Heifer Program

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association bull and heifer evaluation program serves the needs of both the cattle seedstock producers and the Iowa commercial industry. Each year approximately 100 progressive breeders enter more than 400 bulls and 70 heifers into three tests for comparison and bench marking. These superior genetics are then offered to the commercial industry at 3 sales across the state of Iowa.

Custom Cattle Feeders

What is a Custom Cattle Feedlot?

A custom feedlot is a cattle feeding enterprise that provides the technology, skills and services to someone who wants cattle fed to a specific market weight. Basically, a custom feedlot is a lot like a cattle feeding hotel: it furnishes room, board and services to the feedlot cattle and customers.


The Iowa Cattlemen's Association presently has three policy-making committees that deal with legislative or regulatory issues and work to recommend policy for the ICA. These committees are all chaired by volunteers who are knowledgeable of the issues and have a strong desire to improve the environment for.


The Iowa Cattlemen's Association has more than 10,000 beef producing members and associated companies dedicated to the future of the Iowa beef industry. The Iowa Cattlemen's Association is grassroots, comprised of 97 active county organizations that promote beef at the local level and hold educational meetings for their members.