Iowa Cattlemen Care Online Auction

For Wildfire Relief

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation, DreamDirt

Friday, April 7, 2017 10:00 AM

Download a front/back info sheet here.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and Dream Dirt are partnering on an online auction to raise funds for victims of the recent wildfires in Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas and Kansas.

In addition to hay, affected cattle producers are in need of fencing supplies, milk replacer, seed to re-establish pastures, and more. The wildfire recovery will last many months and needs are expected to change throughout that time. Many Iowa cattlemen are eager to help.

There are three ways to help with this fundraising effort:

  1. Donate items to the auction. Contact the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association with the terms of your auction donation.
  2. Participate in the auction. 100% of auction proceeds will be distributed to the affected states.
  3. Consider a cash donation. Donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Checks may be made out to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation and mailed to 2055 Ironwood Ct., Ames, IA 50010

The team at DreamDirt, ICA and ICF are donating all of their services, advertising and auction.  100%, every dollar raised and not a penny less will be sent for direct help of those who need our help.

Your donation will be to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation which is a 501C3 charitable organization and you will receive a tax deductible donation receipt for the amount your item sells for after the auction closes.


We know you guys can come up with some great stuff but let us get your wheels turning. You might consider but not limited to livestock, farm equipment, livestock equipment or supplies, services, genetics, seedstock, hauling and transportation, hay, any kind of lessons, special opportunities or access, seed, hand or homemade items, farm specific items, hunts, hunting equipment, trips, stays in vacation homes, art, jewelry, sports tickets or seats etc. The auction will be populated with cash donation lots as well.  You’ll be bidding on nothing, just the opportunity to make a cash donation.


Decide what you can donate.  It can be configured any way you wish.  You can donate the rental of a unit and restrict it to a certain geographic area.  You can donate a week in a vacation home and restrict it to a particular time frame.  You can sell something that the buyer must come to you to pick up, or you can ship it.  You set the rules for your donation, let us worry about matching it to a buyer. Just offer what you can or what makes sense.

Let us know about the item.  Send photos and description or text to the numbers below.  We will reply with the lot number and add it to the auction.

Download the DreamDirt Auction App on your smartphone or tablet and follow your item in the auction.  You may bid on your own item, but if you are the high bidder you will pay the high bid.  If you do not use a smartphone go to and scroll down to the auction to view it.

An auctioneer that bidders can see and hear online will conduct the live portion of the auction on April 7th at 10AM until bidding closes, but you can place silent bids now by tuning into the auction on our website.  The auction will be a webcast.  Bidders will bid by computer or smartphone but you will hear and see the auction staff cry the bid.

When the auction ends if you are a high bidder you will receive an invoice in your email instructing you how to pay for your item.

When you have completed payment the donor will get a tax deductible receipt for their donation and the buyer will receive a paid invoice by email which will transfer ownership and be proof to claim the item they have purchased.


If you can’t think of something to donate consider being a bidder.  The auction lots are likely to update all the way up until April 7th.  We will add everything as we get it so keep up on the auction by downloading our smartphone APP in your APP store.  It is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.  Search “DreamDirt Auction.” The APP will allow you receive notifications as the auction progresses.

We ask that you register for the auction today so you get the notices about the auction.

Don’t have a smartphone? You don’t have to. You can use the DreamDirt website and bid online.  You can register for the auction right now at

Auctioneer Jason Smith call/text (712)592-8965 
Auctioneer Tom Bradley call/text (515)202-7687 
Online Auctioneer Nicole Smith call/text (402)650-3257 
Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation/Iowa Cattlemen's Association call (515)296-2266

Contact the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association if you have questions or would like to make a donation.