Market Reporting Service

A service offered by the Iowa Cattlemen's Association to help you make informed fed cattle marketing decisions.

MRS History

The Market Reporting Service (MRS) was established by Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) in 1989. Staffed by two full-time analysts with more than 15 years combined experience in the Nebraska fed cattle trading arena, the Market Reporting Service has grown into one of the nation's most respected sources of timely and accurate fed cattle market information and analysis. MRS represents more than 160 NC member feedyards with a combined capacity of more than 750,000 head. Participating feedyards range in size from 500 to 45,000 head in capacity, mirroring the diverse nature of today's Midwestern feeding industry.

Subscribers are provided with instant market information via telephone and the MRS Web site. Fed cattle bids and sales reports include geographical location, time the trade occurred, and expected yield and quality grade of the cattle. Subscribers are also expected to report information via telephone when they receive or accept bids on cattle. (MRS members' names and locations remain anonymous to ensure confidentiality.)

MRS Services

- Unlimited "800" Telephone Access

- Staffed by two full-time analysts

- Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday

- After hours summary via voice mail

MRS Web site

- Instant fed cattle trade information on a sale-by-sale basis

- Instant breaking market news updates via e-mail

- Fed cattle news and commentary

- Pertinent USDA data published upon release

- Password protected and available only to MRS subscribers

MRS Market Information Conference Calls

- Daily members-only forums for exchange of market information

- Moderated by MRS members and staff

Weekly Market Update Newsletter

- Four pages of commentary, analysis and pertinent statistics

- Available by fax or e-mail

- Produced entirely in-house to ensure timeliness of market information

Timely and Detailed Cattle-On-Feed Data Each Month

- MRS member inventories, previous month's placements, marketings

- Projected marketing intentions by month for upcoming 90 days

- Available at least one week before USDA monthly data

Subscription Fees

- All MRS subscribers must be paying members of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association

- Annual fee of $0.25/head x one time capacity of feedyard

- $250 minimum, $3,000 maximum

- MRS subscribers are billed annually

Electronic information options:

(available only to MRS subscribers)

- MRS Web site access + text messaging to your cell phone

- $20/month (invoiced with MRS service fee)

Return On Investment

If MRS information helps an 800-head feedyard to sell one pen of 100 steers for an additional $1/cwt. then you have...

More than a 3:1 return on your investment in the MRS

Open pen pays for three years of MRS subscription

For more information or to enroll in the Iowa Cattlemen's Association Market Reporting Service program, please call the ICA office at 515-296-2266.