Date: 12/23/2013 12:00:00 AM

Title: South Dakota rancher relief goes over $28,000

Iowa individuals and county cattlemen’s associations have provided assistance to the state challenge to join together and raise funds for the South Dakota ranchers who lost cattle and infrastructure during the untimely blizzards that hit the western part of that state in October 2013.

The challenge began with the Shelby County Cattlemen’s Association. In a letter to other Iowa cattlemen’s groups, the group said “The damage from that storm to the whole of the cattle industry will be long-lived. Our local county cattlemen's organization here in Shelby County has decided to make a donation to the relief efforts for the South Dakota producers. We have decided to donate the value of one bred heifer. While that may seem significant, we recognize that it is small in scope compared to the losses those producers have gone through.

“We would like to challenge the rest of the Iowa county cattlemen’s organizations to join us in making a donation to help out our neighbors, be it the value of a bred heifer or a feeder calf, or any amount that can be donated.”

Forty-one donations were received by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation, which coordinated the effort. It is sending 100% of the $28,330 raised in just a month to the South Dakota Rancher Relief Fund.